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Our menu is 100% vegan and does not contain any dairy, egg or nuts. Everything is gluten-free with the exception of our pita, which can be substituted with a cabbage leaf wrap. Our produce is all organic and locally sourced assuring only the highest quality ingredients. All of our food is prepared fresh daily using traditional middle-eastern recipes with a healthy twist. Furthermore, our entire menu has been blessed and curated by our holistic health coach, Gina Ragnone.

Oh, and everything is kosher except for our hours.

We know where our local and organic produce is coming from since we work  directly with the suppliers. We also visit Farmer's Markets weekly where we get produce from the farmers themselves and build relationships to ensure our produce is responsibly farmed. No chemicals, no preservatives, no GMOs. 

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7751 1/2 Melrose Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90046



1146 Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90291




11 am - 9 pm


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Clean Plates loves Fala Bar!

Goodness gracious, great balls of… chickpeas! Falafel is sizzling-hot right now in L.A., owing to a recent wave of falafel-centric restaurants that are putting a super healthy spin on the Middle Eastern treat. These three spots are elevating the typically greasy, bready indulgence...

Joy Of Kosher features Fala Bar

At Fala Bar we are taking a new approach to the fast food market. While we're keeping the “fast” method intact, we’re only offering organic and vegan menu options, containing only the purest and healthiest of ingredients. Our biggest edge within the vegan food industry...

Eater Names Fala Bar one of LA's Hottest Cheap Eats

This all-vegan falafel spot along Melrose offers delectable baked chickpea balls that won't leave you feeling guilty after you take them down. The falafel comes in a variety of flavors, including a sweet potato type, or a spicy version with red peppers and jalapeños...

Barefoot Vegan Interviews Fala Bar' Gina Ragnone

Fala Bar Vegan Burger called "Slam Dunk" by LA Foodie Carnivore

Being someone who normally eats meat, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about an organic-vegan burger place. I was extremely impressed by this next level falafel joint. My first bite into the kale burger was met with an explosion of flavor. Every flavor that was infused into...

Fala Bar Featured on LA Eater

FAIRFAX— The kale craze is still alive and well in LA, and organic falafel specialist Fala Bar is making the cruciferous vegetable a little more appetizing in its kale burger. Launching May 2, the burger ismade with kale falafel, purple cabbage, chopped lemony kale, homemade... 

Fala Bar Featured on Time Out LA!

It’s easy to miss this hole-in-wall falafel counter in West Hollywood, but you’ll want to keep that GPS on hand because these cats serious about their fried balls. Fala Bar’s 100% vegan menu embraces the full potential of the powerful chickpea, offering five different types...

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Want a chance to try our Kale Burger for free? The first 25 customers on Saturday, May 23rd will receive a FREE Kale Burger in celebration of National Burger Month! 

Fala Bar named "Best New Take-out Spot" by The Actor's Diet

Located on Melrose, just east of Fairfax, the space is tiny, mostly gluten-free, 100% organic/vegan/GMO-free and full of choices! Just look at all the beverages – they even have fresh coconut they’ll cut for you. I was treated to a sampling of options…

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Fala Bar featured on LA Weekly

The most important thing to know about Fala Bar, a vegan falafel joint in the Fairfax District, is that its s'rug is really, really spicy. One dab of this green hot sauce — a mix of cilantro, jalapeño, garlic, salt, pepper and hot pepper — on a sweet potato falafel ball and you're...

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Free Vegan Burgers

Are the new vegan burger combo plates at Fala Bar any good? Who cares? Because for the first 50 customers this Saturday, the meals are free and we all know free food equals good food. (Or at least good enough that you shouldn't complain.) The event — which takes...

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Fala Bar's Vegan Burger Featured on FabFitFun

Well, it looks like fast food is taking a turn, for the better. Health food guru, Gina Ragnone, has come up with a holistic and healthy approach to fast food. During the launch, 50 healthy, vegan burgers (and firs!) will be given out to the first 50 people in line. With additional menu items such as...

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Fala Bar named "LA's Newest Innovative Spot"

Fala Bar, a vegan falafel bar and salad café, is L.A.’s newest innovative spot when it comes to healthy fast food. The small eatery—located on Melrose Ave.—just opened about three weeks ago and has quickly become a bustling hub for customers looking for healthy...

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Fala Bar featured on Huffington Post

Fast food restaurants are a no no for most health food fans, however one LA restaurant is giving them reason to reconsider. Fala Bar on Melrose Avenue opened just a few days ago and has already created quite the following. This new Mediterranean restaurant...

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LIVESTRONG Features Fala Bar's Kaleifornia Salad

Making sure your daily nutrition is top-notch can be daunting, but with these nutrient-dense recipes, you'll be sure to keep the alkalinity in your body high and illness at bay. Try to fit in one green smoothie and one powerhouse salad a day to ensure you're getting a hefty amount of plant-based vitamins and...

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Fitness and Falafels at Racked Fit Club Event

After a week of semi-odd weather, it was nothing but warm rays and blue skies yesterday, just in time for our Racked Fit Club session with Eater LA. Uniting fitness and fashion with food, the exclusive event was attended by 40 stylish...

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Fala Bar Featured on OC Restister

Fala Bar, a new vegan and organic eatery, opened March 31 on Melrose Avenue. Owned by Andrew Izquieta and Mike Shab, the quick service restaurant features a falafel bar, a salad bar and made-for-takeout Mediterranean food. Prices range from $5 to $13.50...

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Fala Bar Featured on West Hollywood's WehoVille

On Melrose Avenue at Fairfax, Andres Izquieta and Mike Shab have opened Fala LA as what they are calling an “answer to our fast food nation.” Fala, 7751 1/2 Melrose Ave. in the space formerly occupied by Tomato Pie Pizza, does offer fast food, but not what you’ll find at Micky D’s. Its menu... 

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Meet Gina Ragnone of Fala Bar

I’m so excited to share today’s interview with Gina Ragnone of Fala Bar! Fala Bar is one of the newest restaurants to open in LA. It’s situated on the trendy street, Melrose Avenue near Fairfax. Founded by Mike Shab and Andres Izquieta, these two have perfected, with the help...